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At Lithic, our services are wide-ranging and comprehensive, but they can be broken down into three main categories: Preventive Management, Security, and Critical Support.

Preventive Management
Lithic manages your IT system with the future expansion of your business in mind. We ensure that your network will support your growth without the need for a major overhaul, which saves you money.

At Lithic, we want you to work on your business and level change control and audit processing to the experts.  That is us.  We will monitor your business systems, document and control all security access from a modern compliance view.  With VCIO reviews, 24/7 monitoring, and a staff uniquely certified in security, you can get back to work without worrying about the digital safety of your business.

Critical Support
At Lithic, we know one of your main concerns is getting service quickly in the instance of a computer or network problem. When your system is down, it can cause drastic loss of production for your company. Rest assured that Lithic is available 24 hours a day when you have an IT issue. There are three easy ways to reach us:
• Online Client Management System
• Email us at
• Phone us at 601/487.4444

   What else should you know about Lithic?

What We DoAt Lithic, we are a full-service provider of your technical support needs. Our IT support gives you peace of mind in knowing that your network will run smoothly and any issues will be taken care of quickly. Our expertise in both computer software and hardware allows us to recommend the best products for your business. We are not affiliated with any product supplier, so our counsel is unbiased as we seek to provide you with the tools that will best serve your particular business.

How We WorkIt’s simple; we work when and how you need us. Our clients choose whether they want Lithic’s IT support during or after business hours. You choose the times when you most need our help. Lithic maintains and upgrades your IT network and provides help when needed – all for the cost of less than one employee. Don’t waste a salary and benefits for a full-time employee, when you can contract with Lithic to get just the amount of support that you need.

Why We are So EfficientWe want to give you every reason to choose Lithic as your IT support provider. Our clients want a provider who will offer accessibility, reliability, and affordability, so that’s our calling card. For instance, Lithic offers a flat-rate monthly plan. By removing “by the hour” charges, our staff and technicians are focused on completely solving your issue, not billing your business. Lithic also can work on-site or remotely, depending on your needs and budget. Our online client management system gives you access to current tickets, configurations, service requests, company agreements, and Lithic’s service offerings – everything you need in one place for easy monitoring.

Why Efficiency is So ImportantIf you don’t have a company that monitors your overall system, you will find your business running into problems on a weekly or even daily basis. The procedural standards we have developed at Lithic help keep your business running smoothly on a daily basis. Let us alleviate your IT worries with a comprehensive plan for your business.

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